Learn how to calculate your target SAT score across the redesigned ("new") and "old" tests.

New SAT scores

The SAT was redesigned in March 2016, and now consists of 2 sections and is scored out of 1600 points. Prior to the redesign, the test consisted of 3 sections and scored out of a total of 2400 points.

Each year, colleges publish the average (or a middle range of) SAT scores for the incoming class, which helps aspiring applicants set their SAT score goals. Because many applicants in the most recent entering class took the old test, colleges currently report SAT scores for their incoming class on the 2400 scale.

Confused yet? Don't worry! We've used the concordance information published by the College Board to convert these "old" SAT score ranges into "new" SAT score ranges, to help you set your target scores. You can find these new scores on our college profiles, labelled "Concordant Scores." If your current SAT scores fall into the concordant range for your dream school, you're on the path to a competitive application. 

Sample College Profile

concordant SAT scores

You can also convert your "new" SAT scores to the old scale, to confirm that your scores are within the score range currently available. Follow the steps below:

1. Find your dream school's SAT score range

You can find the SAT scores for the 25th and 75th percentile of students in the most recently enrolled class on each of our college profiles on the "Admissions" tab. Remember, that score range is from the old SAT because those students applied to college before the test was redesigned.

2. Convert your new SAT scores to the old SAT scale

Compare your new SAT results to the old test using the SAT Score Converter. You’ll be asked to provide your total SAT score as well as your section scores.

3. Compare your scores to the college profile

Are the converted scores within the 25th-75th percentile range for your school? If your scores fall well within the school’s average range, that college could be a good match. Read more about what is a good SAT score.

Even if your scores are below or at the bottom of the range, admission is still possible. With a smart SAT prep plan, you CAN improve your score. Our SAT experts will go over your score report in more detail and help you strategize your next move. Talk to an Advisor at 1-800-2REVIEW.

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