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A university founded in the Jesuit tradition, “Loyola is a school that is focused on developing the entire individual,” and business ethics is a mainstay of the MBA program. While MBA course content resembles other graduate business programs, Loyola distinguishes itself in a number of ways. In particular, “success is not measured in dollars, but rather [in] how one can contribute to society in a meaningful and productive way.” To that end, “every class incorporates ethics and ethical situations and relates them to realworld business issues.” At the same time, the curriculum focuses on practical business, and “is very relevant and applicable.” Through coursework, students work in teams, analyze case studies, or work on live projects in cooperation with a partner business or organization. A current student enthuses, “I take advantage of student organizations and outside consulting projects, and often feel that these have more value than my classes.” To add an international perspective to the MBA, “the study abroad program is fantastic,” offering numerous two-week summer courses overseas. Another student tells us, “I will be afforded wonderful study abroad opportunities through this program and will be traveling to China, India, and Rome.”

Combining expertise with excellence, the majority of Loyola professors are “highly experienced and make the learning experience worthwhile.” While there are some “pure academics” on staff, they are outnumbered by current and former business leaders, who bring real-world content to the coursework. In fact, Loyola’s adjunct professors “are among the best at bringing a ‘real-world’ perspective into the classroom.” Most importantly, professors are “very enthusiastic about their subject and classes, and they all very much love teaching.” As a result, “the classroom experience is dynamic and engaging,” and the “thought-provoking course content” inspires discussion and critical thinking. A student remarks, “I have enjoyed many of my classes so much, I am actually somewhat disappointed when the quarter comes to an end!” At the same time, Loyola is a large school, so it’s easier to get lost in the crowds. A current student admits, “It’s difficult to have good, thoughtful discussions in classes with fifty people in attendance.”

Loyola’s “flexible class schedule” is great for part-time students, and “the course load is perfect for a professional who has a full-time job.” In addition, the “ability to switch between full-time and part-time status” gives students the opportunity to complete their degree at their own pace. Full-timers, on the other hand, sometimes feel “the course work doesn’t seem as challenging as it could be.” A school on the move, “The GSB has grown considerably just within the last year,” and students admit, “The administration seems a little overwhelmed by the number of students currently enrolled.” Fortunately, a student writes, “The school is committed to providing students with an exceptional experience. When there are hurdles to overcome, the administration is quick to identify how things might improve.”

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Applicants: 460
Acceptance Rate: 54%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.27
Years Work Experience: 7
Average Age: 28



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