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The Fisher International MBA program at MIIS offers students just what it says it does, an MBA in international business. Not only that, but the campus itself, located in central California, has an international feel. "Half the students in every class are international students," and all are required to be proficient in a second language. Students are also "encouraged to study abroad." "I came here to avoid being around the traditional business school student wanting to go make millions and maximize profit without caring about social or environmental impact." There is an emphasis on green business strategies, as well as an understanding of what the future of business will actually look like. "The school itself is entrepreneurial. This year, it launched an innovative program in partnership with social impact investment firms to send students out to emerging countries like Vietnam, India, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The students work with the venture firms directly." The program's focus is on language studies, environmental issues, corporate responsibility, and cross-cultural negotiation. "Last year as a part of the sustainability lecture series, business leaders from interesting new ventures like Revolution Foods and Numi Tea came to lecture weekly." Students appreciate the "cross-sector focus, specifically international development and environmental policy." They also like the "accessibility to other disciplines." At MIIS students have the opportunity to specialize or opt for a dual degree. They can work toward an MBA, as well as an MA in fields, such as environmental policy, public administration, and translation.

Students love "the international perspective, the size (for its adaptability, personal attention, etc.), the innovative nature of the curriculum, and the focus on sustainability." "The school is small but packs a punch. In the same week, students could see guest lecturers on Nuclear Proliferation in Iran, and representatives from Denmark talk about how the country achieved a 100 percent growth rate without an increase in petroleum use." Because of its small size, "everything is personalized. The administration has designed the program, so that no two students' experience is the same, each being custom tailored to the student's professional goals." "If we want to see something happen, we can make it happen." "The administration is forward-thinking and proactive in finding new and exciting directions for the school; there is an ability to adapt quickly to new trends in education and business." Some professors are "excellent" and "frequently engage with students" outside of class. Students say professors are on a first-name basis with many students. One suggests "the academic rigor could be more standardized. Some courses are highly rigorous, while others are not." Others worry that "a couple really good professors retired this term." They hope they will be replaced "with equally talented professors."

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Applicants: 107
Acceptance Rate: 73%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.38
Years Work Experience: 3
Average Age: 27



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