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“Convenient, prestigious, and cutting-edge” are just some of the ways students describe the online MBA program at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The academic support of USC’s MBA program is “outstanding.” Although most students attend the program exclusively online, it still creates an impression that “feels very intimate and catered to the student.” The curriculum is “streamlined, organized, and helpful.” Students attending the online program “have never met a more talented group of professors.” They are “incredibly engaged” and make themselves readily available “to meet or have a phone call at any time to discuss coursework.” The instructors respond promptly to “requests, questions, or concerns,” “provide candid feedback,” and “are flexible with deadlines and scheduling conflicts.” One student says, “I am amazed at the availability of the professors for office hours. For a couple of my classes, they met with me 1:1 to help me out with a couple of questions that I had in preparation for the final.” These “exceptional educators” also implement interdisciplinary lessons “to ensure full understanding of the semester’s coursework.” One student boasts, “This program has shifted my perception on almost every topic we have discussed in a profoundly positive way.” Students also have access to members of a “very hands-on” administration that “address issues and concerns timely and organize networking events.” The administration also makes it a point to follow up with students often to make sure they “are on track and collect suggestions for each semester.” “Resources are readily available in a variety of outlets” to best meet the needs of each learner. The school does its best to provide flexibility for those students with more than just graduate coursework on their plates. The program is “demanding but workable” and is “well worth the investment.” Fellow classmates are “very inclusive of one another” and are “always willing to help one another succeed.” Class discussions are “extremely meaningful.” Students learn as much from their peers as they do from the lectures themselves.

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