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University of Southern Maine's MBA program distinguishes itself through strong academics, "relatively low cost," and a decidedly local focus. This "internationally accredited" program is the best choice for Portland-area professionals, offering "convenient class times" and an easily accessible location on the school's main campus. Busy students appreciate that "most professors offer very organized courses with defined expectations and outcomes." Despite efficiency, USM is "not an online school or a 'three-week' MBA, but is a traditional business school with the rigors that come with it." The school augments the part-time program with a special 3-2 degree, through which business undergraduates can earn an MBA with just one additional year of full-time study.

With a strong background in the real world, "faculty is very professional, and topics covered are generally relevant and current." Students explain that "certain professors are more cutting edge and prepare you better for an innovative and sustainable professional culture than others, but the majority stay current and keep you up to date." Maine business plays a central role in the curriculum, and "the professors also do an excellent job using case studies from local companies." On that note, "USM has a lot of connections to the business community and works with them often, which helps create experience and visibility." While the program offers concentrations in accounting, finance, sustainability, or health management and policy, students would "absolutely love the school to offer targeted MBA courses (or someday concentrations) specific to some of Maine's fastest growing industries, such as biotechnology, medical devices, IT, etc." Students also note that "more interpersonal or organizational development classes could be offered as electives," along with a greater focus on entrepreneurship.

Drawing from the local business community, "the majority of USM MBA students study part time and are involved in diverse industry sectors, from food to music to finance to health care and to biotechnology." The varied experience among the student body "keeps business projects and case studies interesting, with diverse opinions and ideas to bring back to my own career." When it comes to staff and administrators, "some will do anything for students, while others will ignore their needs." In addition, students have noticed "political strife among the faculty and administration at the school." At the same time, "it's very easy to get into both required and popular classes" at University of Southern Maine, which distinguishes it from many other part-time business schools, and students are quick to point out that "the good side outweighs the bad by a large margin."

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Applicants: 57
Acceptance Rate: 60%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.32
Years Work Experience: 5.1
Average Age: 30



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