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Butler University in Indianapolis is a relatively small liberal arts school that prides itself on its established history of providing a quality education while doing things differently. With just under 5,000 students and more than sixty-five majors spread across six academic colleges, the “student to faculty ratio is excellent” and teachers “are open to collaboration with students on research and professional endeavors.” The school is continually introducing “innovative technology into each of the classrooms” (such as wireless display devices and a Lightboard room), and its eight core course requirements “push students out of their comfort zones” and allow them to explore interests outside of their major, creating “an atmosphere of driven students.”

Professors are willing “to support student ideas and make modifications to lectures to support student interests,” and “always facilitate discussions in the classroom that create an intellectually stimulating experience.” They are “engaging, fun, and extremely knowledgeable about their areas of expertise” and “bring life to learning.” Students and teachers “interact multiple times a week and it is clear that both parties have a sincere desire to be there,” and teachers “put in time and effort to developing relationships and getting to know their students closely.”

As an added benefit, Butler offers more than 110 study abroad programs in seventy countries that “focus on the study abroad experience while keeping time and cost short.” Students are expected to almost be “learning on the job,” as much of the coursework provides real-life experiences and internships. Different majors have inventive requirements and classes: some science classes have “semester-long research projects”; one class participated in a “simulated village while studying modern China”; while the business school has a “Real Business Experience course,” in which students must “develop a business and sell a product/service during a typical semester” that is funded by a loan from the university.

Student Body

It’s a small campus, so “it’s more close-knit than others,” and there’s definitely a community on campus “that cares and looks out for one another.” Many students “would not consider the student body at Butler to have great ethnic/cultural diversity”; however, the student body is “welcoming and accepting.” The campus is full of “incredibly friendly people who are more than willing to help or just smile at you”; it’s “fairly Greek, but the Greek system is much more open and accepting than a lot of larger schools.” The inclusive Butler culture is described as “The Butler Way,” and “there is a camaraderie among everyone in the same class to help each other succeed.” Most students here are involved in some sort of community service organization on or off campus, which “truly speaks to the character of the university and its students.”

Campus Life

Butler has an interesting campus in that “life is completely sustainable on-campus,” which means that students typically stay there for studying, food, and socializing. On days with good weather, students can be found “out playing ball, Frisbee or hammocking around campus,” and Butler has a nice park on campus as well. The school spirit at Butler is palpable and “Many people support athletics and the arts and there’s a lot of fundraising for things”; “Basketball games are the best way to spend a weekend.” Many students on campus are involved in Greek life, which is “a prominent social aspect of Butler’s campus,” and people at Butler are generally “very busy because they like to overcommit themselves.” There “is always something going on,” making it “just a really great environment to go to college.” Downtown Indianapolis is only five miles away, and students like to go to Broad Ripple or take “other small trips around the area” for food and culture.

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Applicants: 16,418
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