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As the first school of the City University of New York system, CCNY “stands for growth, education, and creativity.” Many students choose the school due to its “astonishingly low cost” and proximity to home, and its practicality is backed up by “rigorous academic programs.” “I fell in love with the school during open house, and it’s the exact way I imagined after enrolling,” says a student. The university has also made substantial new investments in science and medicine, and it is the only public college in New York City to offer engineering and architecture degrees, which is a huge draw for the school (but there is “no coddling here in the engineering school,” warns one student). A “multitude” of classes are taught by “awesome professors with experience and wonderful careers” who “are available outside of the class” and “exhibit great love for the materials they teach.” Generally, professors “go above and beyond” to ensure that students are able to grasp what they are learning. “My professors devote time and effort to making sure students understand the material being taught,” confirms a student. The diversity in the student body, as well as the faculty and administration, “is profound,” which “helps many people interact with different people from different cultures and come together to get through each semester in college.” No matter their background, all here “take our education and future careers seriously.” “There are a lot of talented people in the school overall,” says a student, not to mention the “strong ties to research collaborators and institutions.” Professors “will make you learn and work for the A,” but “It has overall been a very rewarding experience,” according to a student.

Student Body

The diversity at CCNY is not just ethnic—it is also political, economic, academic, age, and every other means of categorization—which means that there is no typical student. This large group of “diverse students seeking excellence” all feel like they fit in because “we each have something to bring to the table.” On any average day, “you can walk through the college and see people of all ages and races interacting with each other.” Students “live busy lives,” and the vast majority “works and goes to school at the same time.” Most students are commuters, and many are “immigrant or come from an immigrant family,” but “most identify first and foremost as New Yorkers.” Many subscribe to clubs and other extracurriculars “to fit in and make friends.” Most CCNY students are not looking for the “typical college experience,” but rather are interested “in the intellectual and emotional growth that comes with higher education.”

Campus Life

Since so many students work and live full lives outside of classes, most students commute home each night. “The campus is nice, and there’s a lot to do, but there’s very little ’campus life,’” according to one student. CCNY has “amazing events,” but “sometimes it’s hard to partake due to our employment and fiscal priorities.” The clubs “are always having shows, fairs, and other types of events offered to all students.” People are “very respectful and helpful,” and “a new student will always be able to find help.” The library and cafeteria are both popular hangout spots, and “there is a gym, both for workout and for sports.” Let’s also not forget where the school is located: “It isn’t hard to find fun around New York City.” Harlem “is very historic,” and “there are great places to eat around City College.” The radio station WCCR “always has a ton of people having fun, hanging out, and playing music.”

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160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

212 650 6977


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Most Popular Places On Campus
City College Center for Discovery and Innovation
Solar Roofpod - Spitzer School of Archtiecture
Wingate Hall Athletic Center
CUNY Advanced Research Center
The Towers -Residence Hall

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Metropoitan Museum of Art
Lincoln Center
Apollo Theater
Greenwich Village
New York City
Campus is in Manhattan and has access to all of New York City's cultural institutions.

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Campus Tours
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
New York City Subways and bus system, Metro North, Long Island Railroad, PATH and New Jersey Transit. College operates its own bus to subways and campus housing.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the West Side: Westside Highway traveling north, exit at 125th Street, right to Amsterdam Avenue; left to 133rd Street right one block to Convent Avenue. From the Westside Highway traveling north or south: Exit at 125th Street, cross Broadway, one block; left onto Amsterdam Avenue; right onto 133rd Street one block; left onto Convent Avenue. From the East Side: From the FDR or the Triborough Bridge to Harlem River Drive, exit at 135th Street to end, turn right on St. Nicholas Avenue, then left onto 141st Street, make left on Convent Avenue to campus.

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Applicants: 25,378
Acceptance Rate: 41%



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