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Tiny Coe College is truly a gem of the Midwest. This 1,400-student Cedar Rapids liberal arts college offers more than sixty areas of study and a nearly 100 percent employment (or graduate school) rate, with half of all students eventually going on to graduate studies. Every Coe student participates in an internship, student research, practicum, or off-campus study during their four years, fostering “an environment where student growth through leadership and responsibility is possible.” Coe has been named one of the Top 25 Best Schools for Internships in the U.S. two years in a row. “We are equipped to make things happen for ourselves while we are here and once we leave,” says one student. The Coe community is so close knit that “once one Kohawk goes and finds success somewhere, they make sure to bring others along with them.”

Professors are “devoted to the understanding of course context and success of the students,” and many of the classes are discussion-based, so “attendance is important.” Students learn very quickly the dangers of falling behind, and academics can be “very difficult, but in a way that [is] enjoyable and strengthening.” The school “has a great aptitude for raising the bar when it comes to [the] personal development of its students” and the Learning Commons provides guidance and help with class material for those who need it. Teachers here “love sharing knowledge and finding opportunities for students to achieve their fullest potential,” and it is not unheard of that a professor “sometimes has to trim the syllabi to fit into our 16-week semester.” Another big strength is the opportunities for undergraduate research and travel with professors, which allows students “to gain skill and knowledge that may not be available at a bigger college.”

Student Body

While many students come from small town Iowa, half of all students come from out of state, with a current growth in the international student population. This student body is “friendly, but opinionated.” There is “a diversity of ideas, opinions, and leanings” and “people do not shy away from conversation no matter how difficult it may be.” There “is little drama about getting the best grades or scholarships, just an appreciation of each other’s strengths.” Everyone is “helpful and considerate and “most of the time people leave their stuff in the library and come back hours later.” “If I am struggling with carrying something, don’t know where I’m going, or need help with a class, people will go out of their way to help me regardless if I know them or not,” says a student.

Campus Life

Wellness is a huge part of Coe’s culture, and students “see wellness as thriving only if all components of our life are cultivated.” Many here attend on-campus events including athletics and Student Activities Committee events featuring comedians, singers, bowling, laser tag, and free movie Fridays. Blindspot is a popular event hosted one Friday each month by a student organization, where students can showcase their talent outside the classroom. “It’s basically one big talent show, without winners or losers,” says one happy student. The Office of Community Engagement provides students with ample opportunities to get off campus and volunteer within the community, and everyone makes it to Cedar Rapids “at least once a week.”

Greek life has a surprisingly big following here, but it’s not in the traditional sense, as the focus at Coe’s fraternities and sororities is “on personal and professional development so that we can be exceptional contributors to society once we leave Coe.” The library in particular is very welcoming, with easily reservable study rooms, and it often hosts events such as the “Long Night Against Procrastination.” Coe also has strong multicultural organizations, which host a variety of events such as the International Club Banquet and Cultural Appreciation Week.

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Maggie St. Clair
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Nassif House
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Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
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Czech/Slovak Museum
Amana Colonies
Cedar Rapids Professional Sports Teams

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Campus Tours
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Times: Weekdays 9:00am-3:00pm, Saturdays vary
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Eastern Iowa Airport located in Cedar Rapids Interstate bus service Cedar Rapids public bus transportation Taxi cab service

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the east or west via I-80. Exit on to I-380 north and proceed to Cedar Rapids. Continue as directed below under From the north or south via I-380. From the north or south via I-380. Take Exit 20B(Coe College exit) and proceed to First Ave. Take First Ave east to College Drive(13th St. NE) and turn left to enter campus. From the north or south via Hwy. 151. Hwy. 151 becomes First Ave. in Cedar Rapids. Proceed to College Drive(13th St. NE) and turn left from the south or right from the north to enter the campus.

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Applicants: 6,725
Acceptance Rate: 50%
Average HS GPA: 3.60



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