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Grace College and Seminary augments the classic liberal arts education with an emphasis on the “Biblical values of character, competence, and service.” Educationally, Grace College offers “a great mix of teaching styles and quality professor-student interaction.” Most importantly, “the faculty really cares about getting to know the students and helping them succeed individually and as a class.” A freshman reports, “The professors offer so much of themselves and you can tell they are devoted to serving Christ through teaching at Grace. I feel challenged academically and spiritually here.” Prospective students should be aware that religion is an important aspect of the academic experience at this evangelical Christian school and “every single faculty member will begin class, not by requirement, but by choice, with prayer. They will also try to incorporate a Biblical approach to the class in any way they are able.” Most students choose Grace precisely for its strong spiritual focus; others would like the school to encourage “a more lively, worldly, and interactive environment,” rather than leaning so heavily on religion.

Student Body

Given its location and religious affiliation, its not too surprising that “the vast majority of students here are Caucasian, conservative, republican, middle-class, evangelical Christian, heterosexual Americans.” As such, many students share an interest in “dynamic worship and contemporary Christian music.” A freshman adds, “The students at Grace are very dedicated to their studies and their personal spiritual growth. You can tell that these students are here because they want to be.” Despite some common denominators, “no two Grace students are exactly alike. We share basic beliefs and a lot of us have a common background, but the student body represents lots of different talents, interests, and personalities.” “Most students are social, kind, and sensitive to others’ moods and feelings,” and there are plenty of social outlets for any type of person. A sophomore tells us, “You never have to eat alone, and you can always find someone who wants you to tag along with them to Wal-mart or Steak n’ Shake, even if you’re not that popular.”

Campus Life

When they aren’t studying, many Grace students participate in intramural sports, and “during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, outdoor activities are very popular.” On weeknights, students “do homework, watch TV, drive to fast-food or Wal-mart, or update Facebook,” along with “hanging out at the coffee shop on campus,” “playing games,” or “going down the hill to one of the many small restaurants.” By most standards, campus life is “very conservative” and “alcohol and other drugs are very uncommon.” The vast majority appreciates the wholesome college atmosphere, though some feel that students don’t need a curfew and “should be able to drink off-campus (because if you are 21, you are legally allowed to do it).” Located in the beautiful resort town of Winona Lake, off-campus attractions are limited to a few restaurants and a movie theater. However, the Student Activities Board offers on-campus programs that are widely attended, “such as $1 unlimited Taco Bell night, bowling night, [and] laser tag night.”

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200 Seminary Drive
Winona Lake, IN 46590



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Gordon Recreation Center
Coffee/Sub shop

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The Village at Winona
North Pointe Cinemas

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Fort Wayne International Airport South Bend Regional Airport Taxis

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From Fort Wayne: US 30 W to Warsaw. Turn left (South) onto CR-250 E. Turn right (West) onto Wooster Rd. Campus on left.

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Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Hampton Inn and Suites Ramada Plaza Warsaw Comfort Inn


Applicants: 3,753
Acceptance Rate: 81%
Average HS GPA: 3.64



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