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Small, "prestigious" Maryland Institute College of Art specializes in "turning promising talent into undeniable skill." Majors here include an "incredible painting program" and "one of the best" illustration programs in the country. While MICA obviously focuses on art, there's also a respectable array of required liberal arts and art history courses and a thorough foundational curriculum. "The school makes sure everyone has a strong foundation...so that, for example, even a photo major will still be at least decent at drawing." Extensive internship opportunities and a throng of study abroad options are other perks. Classes are "wonderfully small" and often "very long." "The workload is quite heavy." "It is insanely time-consuming to be a student here." "Everyone works their [butts] off and complains about it," says an illustration major, "but we all really love what we do." The faculty at MICA is largely comprised of "actual artists living and working in the real world." There are "really exceptionally amazing teachers and horrifyingly bad ones." For the most part, though, professors are "dedicated" and "readily available" outside of class. "They challenge students on an individual basis and critique with expert eyes." The administration is "a little disorganized." "They take forever to get back to you on any issue," gripes an exasperated senior.

Student Body

Students here are "passionate," "hardworking, ambitious," "incredibly observant," and usually "very liberal." Many come from "wealthy suburban" enclaves on the East Coast. They are "very fashionable." Many "go to class looking runway-ready." There are "droves of hipsters" who get "most of their clothes at Urban Outfitters and the rest at the thrift store." Beyond that, this population is hard to classify. MICA is full of "oddballs" who "were the misfits at their high school." "The whole campus is basically atypical students." "There are so many atypical students that they become typical." "Strange haircuts" are customary. "There really is no way to stand out by being weird." Socially, MICA is "very cliquey." "You can tell what major kids are just by looking at their clothes," maintains a senior. "Every department has a clique."

Campus Life

This "tiny, urban campus" boasts "exceptionally nice" dorms. There is "no rah-rah school spirit" and very little in the way of traditional college life. Basically, "people have art on the mind 24/7." "Studio work is very demanding" and takes up huge chunks of time. Students definitely let loose when they have a chance, though. "There's a lot of drinking," and "a lot of house parties with loud music and bad beer." "Hardly a weekend goes by [when] there isn't a sweaty warehouse party with killer dance music." More mellow fare is also abundantly available. "Groups of friends get together at each other's houses a lot." Gallery openings and independent theater and film showings are popular. Trips to New York City and the District of Columbia are fairly common. The surrounding city of Baltimore is "charming for some, terrifying for others." Critics point out that the neighborhood bordering the north of the campus is "a rough place." Devotees of the city insist that it has "unique and interesting restaurants" and "an excellent music scene." "It's an exciting place to live right now," says a sophomore.

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Campus Visits Contact

Office of Undergraduate Admission

1300 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

410 225 2222


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Founders Green, our new dormitory
The Gateway dormitory
The Brown Center, our Digital Arts center
The Meyerhoff House dormitory & dining
Various on-campus galleries/exhibitiions
Cafe Doris and Java Corner, two eateries

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Galleries and museums in New York and Washington
Baltimore's Museums
Local music and dances
Exhibition openings throughout the area
Harbor Place

Campus Tours

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: Varies
Average Length: Varies

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Campus Interviews

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Faculty and Coach Visits

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Contact Admissions Office

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
College-run shuttle buses, the Pennsylvania Railway Station is four blocks away, Baltimore Washington airport is 1/2 hour away, the Light Rail stop next to campus, city taxis, Zipcars, and public transportation buses (a few are free!).

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the New Jersey Turnpike and Points North: Take Interstate 95 south to exit 64B, bear right onto Interstate 695 west, Towson. Do not bear left to Baltimore via I-95. Continue on 695 west to Exit 23, Interstate 83 south, Baltimore. Take I-83 to exit 6, North Avenue/Mount Royal Avenue. (Exit ramp becomes Mount Royal Avenue.) Stay in right lane of exit ramp, cross North Avenue at light, continue to 1300 Mount Royal. The Main Building is a large, white, Italianate marble building on your right. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is in room 130. From Washington, DC and Points South: Approach Baltimore on Interstate 95 north, follow Baltimore Downtown signs to Interstate 395. Do not take tunnel exit. Take 395 north and follow for about one-half mile to Inner Harbor/Conway Street exit. Bear right onto Conway Street to Charles Street. Turn left on Charles Street and go about two miles to Mount Royal Avenue (you will encounter the Washington Monument in the center of Charles Street after about 1 mile. Go around the monument and continue straight on Charles Street, which resumes on the other side). Turn left on Mount Royal Avenue and proceed to the Main Building, a large, white, Italianate marble building on your left. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is room 130. From Pennsylvania and Points West: Take Interstate 70 east to Interstate 695 west, Towson, to Interstate 83 south, Baltimore. Take I-83 to exit 6, North Avenue/Mount Royal Avenue. (Exit ramp becomes Mount Royal Avenue.) Stay in right lane of exit ramp, cross North Avenue at light; continue to 1300 Mount Royal Avenue. The Main Building is a large, white, Italianate marble building on your right. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is in room 130.

Local Accommodations
Baltimore's Tremont Plaza 222 St. Paul's Place 410-727-2222 800-873-6668 Clarion Hotel 612 Cathedral Street 410-727-7101


Applicants: 3,702
Acceptance Rate: 64%
Average HS GPA: 3.47



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