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Michigan Technological University has “very high standards when it comes to education” and offers “serious study in a beautiful (often snowy) environment.” It boasts a “really good reputation as an engineering school,” and it’s no secret that “engineering is a part of everybody’s life.” All agree, “Michigan Tech provides an atmosphere that nurtures learning” and “puts students first when it comes to their learning experience by providing hands-on experience.” The university offers “lots of internship and co-op opportunities” and “pathways for career development and professional advancement.” Students say that the courses are “challenging” and that the university “pushes students to excel academically.” Professors are “generally interesting and helpful,” but some can be “dull.” A junior says, “Concentrated courses are great, but [general education courses] are huge, impersonal, and just plain awful,” and another student adds, “The experience gets better with more time you put into your program, the professors become more interactive, and the experience becomes more meaningful.”

Student Body

At Michigan Tech, the typical student “is smart and a little more introspective than average,” but still “great at balancing school and hanging out.” Most students “are looking to get a good education and are fairly laid-back,” and the student body consists of “down-to-earth friendly people,” who “work hard during the week and look forward to relaxing and having fun on the weekends.” It’s no secret that “the ratio is a little guy-heavy” and that, because of this, “girls get doors opened for them across campus.” Students tend to be “white and male,” and a junior acknowledges, “There’s little diversity ethnically, but everyone feels welcome.” A chemical engineering major says, “You have to be a little bit of a nerd to fit in,” and another student agrees, “I think most people think about classes first, hanging out second.” It’s common for students to “stay in and play video games,” but there’s also a large contingent of “outdoorsy people.” A sophomore says, “Winters are long and cold up here,” and students take advantage of the plentiful snow by “hiking, biking, four-wheeling, skiing, [and] snowmobiling.” Students look forward to Winter Carnival, “a long weekend off from classes where students build giant, impressive snow sculptures, play broomball, [and] stay out all night,” and for fun they enjoy “house parties and moderate drinking/merrymaking [to] warm up the cold winters.”

Campus Life

Michigan Tech “is in a small town in the middle of the deep North woods,” which makes “the sense of community remarkable.” Students say that campus is “incredibly safe,” that “the atmosphere is very friendly,” and that “there are a lot of opportunities to get involved.” A physics major notes, “You start to see people you know everywhere on campus. It is really easy to find a friend and talk to someone.” Enhancing the “strong student community” are “over 200 clubs” and a variety of “winter activities to be a part of.” Many students take advantage of “free access to Mont Ripley,” the university’s own ski hill and the oldest one in Michigan. A freshman says, “We have broomball, Winter Carnival, and lots of campus-wide events!” Many students agree, “The administration in every department works hard to answer questions and help out as much as possible, which is really great when you’re a freshman,” but some feel there’s a “gap between [the] administration and students,” particularly when it comes to spending. There are complaints about dorm food, leading a junior to say, “I would like to see some more selection and variation between dining halls,” and students feel there’s a need for “more parking spots close to campus.” While “the library is a great place to study,” some “of the classrooms are dated” and could use technological updating.

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Allison Carter
Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions
1400 Townsend Drive
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Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Student Development Complex
Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts
Mont Ripley Ski Hill
Residence halls and Campus Cafe
Van Pelt and Opie Library
One of the best parts about attending Michigan Tech is the residential experience you?ll have. We're not a ?suitcase school" - students are around on the weekends and there are tons of opportunities to get involved, stay active, and enjoy your home away from home.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Shops and Restaurants
Lake Superior
State Parks
Copper Harbor
Located near the shores of Lake Superior, Houghton (and its sister city, Hancock) is part college town, part historic downtown, and part cutting-edge modern town. We have an eclectic combination of local-owned shops and eateries, high-tech companies, and awesome hometown events - music festivals, parades, and more. We don't have a bunch of the same old stores and chain restaurants, and that?s just fine with us - we love our size (and originality).

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Campus Visiting Center
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Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
Average Length: Varies

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Campus Interviews

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Weekdays at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., or upon request

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays

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One-night stay available on select days for high school juniors and seniors


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Automobile, Taxi, Bus, Airplane Closest airport: Houghton County Memorial Airport, code (CMX)

Driving Instructions to Campus
Please see http://www.mtu.edu/admissions/visit/directions/

Local Accommodations
Nationally-recognized chain hotels, locally-owned motels, bed-and-breakfast, cabins, and other rentals are available within the local area.


Applicants: 5,838
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.75



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