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The United States Air Force Academy is one of the nation’s most heralded military institutions, designed solely to produce exceptional officers ready to serve in the U.S. Air Force. “You are a part of the best of the best and have ultimate job security,” says a cadet; not to mention, it’s free. Everyone is held to a high standard, and there’s a real sense of a future timeline imbued in all activities: “Teachers care about our improvement since we’ll be working alongside them in the future.” All students take the same track of classes “so the help and assistance is unending,” and class sizes are small at the largest. This is a very pragmatic group, and “you don’t see too many people who want to major in something that isn’t practical in some way.” “Everyone understands what we are striving for,” says one cadet, and this shared motivation means that “one way or another the people that graduate from here go on to do amazing things in the military and are great leaders who influence their airmen’s lives.”

Most of the professors “are excited about their subjects,” “always accessible outside of the classroom,” and if their particular teaching style does not fit well with a student, students “can get help from other professors within the department.” They teach “making sure their cadets know this material might save their life, or the lives of others someday,” and are also open to talk about current events and issues. Extracurricular activities also help direct cadets into a specialty: every cadet here has either “been the pilot of an aircraft, jumped out of a plane, controlled a real USAF satellite, or flown a UAV (drone) by the time they graduate.” These programs “really help you decide what it is you want to do in the Air Force.”

Student Body

Even though there are 4,000 students here, all of which are going into the same profession upon graduation, “those 4,000 cadets are family.” “I would do anything for another cadet, even if I had never met them before,” says one. While there is “not a lot of diversity gender-wise,” each cadet comes from their own unique background, “which adds to our development into officers.” Without a doubt, the overarching tie for cadets is their “commitment to serve.” This place “is known for the relationships you make AND keep over your time here and after.” However, just like every other school, “this one has flawed people” as well, and there can be undercurrents of cynicism. Truthfully, “a lot of people just want to fly.”

Campus Life

Each student’s schedule is for the most part determined for them and the first year can skew towards formation, school, eat, sleep, repeat, but as cadets progress through the years, more freedom is allowed. On the rare down time cadets get (on non-training weekends), they relax “by doing typical college student things. We go the movies, go bowling, go out to eat, do community service, work out on our own, use the cadet archery range, [and] do all things musical.” On weekends, most cadets try to leave, and “Colorado Springs, Denver, and other nearby destinations provide plenty of fun and activities.” Most people participate in winter sports or go camping; the nearby mountains make it so “lots of people ski on the weekends (in the winter) or hike (in the summer).” One thing holds true across the board: cadets are into fitness. “Very, very into fitness,” assures one.

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Campus Visits Contact

USAFA Admissions Office
Lt Col Bowshot, Shawna

2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2400
USAF Academy, CO 80840-5025


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
USAF Academy Chapel
Thunderbird Lookout and Air Field (Soaring, JUMP, etc)
Falcon Stadium
Cadet Sports Complex
USAF Academy Visitor Center and Planetarium
Polaris Hall (Polaris Perks coffee house), Santa Fe Trail & B-52 Display at North Gate, Cyberworx City,

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Pikes Peak
Olympic Training Center
Garden Of the Gods / Park and Trails
Seven Falls
Cheyenne Mt. Zoo
Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Cave of the Winds Skiing Venues in Rocky Mountains

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
open 7 days a week
9am. to 5pm.

Campus Tours
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Dates: Varies
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Campus Interviews

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Metro Bus service is available during low force protection conditions. Colorado Springs airport is the closest commercial airport to the USAF Academy and is approximately 25 miles south from campus. Denver International Airport is 55 miles North of USAFA.

Driving Instructions to Campus
The Air Force Academy is located just off the I-25 Corridor. During low level force protection times, visitors can access the Academy through the North Gate, I-25, exit 156.

Local Accommodations
The Air Force Academy is close to several major hotels and restaurants. Accommodations should be booked well in advance during peak sports and Academy events such as graduation.


Applicants: 10,376
Acceptance Rate: 11%
Average HS GPA: 3.78



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