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The University of Connecticut may be “known for our amazing athletics,” but it’s also “one of the top research universities and state schools,” a “university [that] truly cares about their students.” As one political science major puts it, UConn is “unique because it is comprised of all different types of students both in backgrounds and ethnicities. What makes us different than other universities is our cohesiveness despite these differences. We all go to one school, we all cheer on the same team, and we all bleed blue.” While “basketball games are like religion,” students say that, “UConn is focused on academic achievement.” For one student, the school’s main appeal is that it is a “large, public university [with] a variety of programs and diversity on campus.” As the “flagship state school,” UConn provides “research opportunities for undergrads” and “every student is supported in order to be the most successful student possible; UConn cares.” When it comes to professors, the “performance level [varies], more so during the first couple years when the students are required to take general education requirements.” Students say that in more advanced, major-specific courses, “the professors tend to be more interested in the topics of the course and thus more engaging.” Those professors are “truly amazing, inspiring, and add so much to my academics,” but the general consensus is that “UConn is a really big university, so professors can be hit or miss.”

Student Body

UConn students are typically “very diverse due to the large student body”—you can find “students who love to go out every weekend at the bar [and] you can find students whose hobby is knitting or [to] go to ComiCONN…there really is a peer group for everyone.” The students, “the majority of which are from Connecticut,” are “uniquely passionate and spirited.” As one student puts it, the school is composed of “many small communities based on academics, sports, clubs, and interests, that come together to form a large community connected by a mutual love of UConn.” Some pinpoint the average student as “white, upper middle class and wears L.L. Bean boots, North Face coats,” but others stress that “it’s a big school, so there is no one word to describe my peers.” With “more happening on campus than you expect,” there are “athletic teams and Greek life” but also “human rights organizations, activists, and volunteers.”

Campus Life

“Since it’s a big school, there is always something going on on-campus, whether it’s free movies, lectures, concerts, food, or more.” For students who want to experience nature, “There’s always the opportunity to go outdoors and walk to Horsebarn Hill, go on runs around campus or go on hikes in the UConn forest.” Even though the campus a little off the beaten path—one transfer student laments “the nickname for Storrs is Snores”—students say “the downtown area has developed into its own mini city” with restaurants and cafés. As one student puts it, “I am never bored on the weekend between the many shows and concerts, movies and other activities offered by the university.” Greek life plays a significant role on campus— some say that “Greek life dominates many aspects of social scene,” while others say only that there are “frat parties if you’re into that kind of scene.” The school’s reputation for top notch athletics is legendary; as one student puts it, “the celebrations after victories are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced elsewhere.” Some students are frustrated that “athletics sometimes overshadows academic achievements in funding,” but others underscore the rigorousness of UConn’s academics, saying “UConn is a research school so classes are difficult and professors will not go out of their way to ensure you get a good grade.” When it comes to kicking back after a long week, one student succinctly sums up the alcohol culture at the school: “UConn doesn’t seem to be a party school, it is a drinking school—there is a difference.”

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Campus Visits Contact

Meg Malmborg
Executive Program Director

Lodewick Visitors Center
115 North Eagleville Road Unit 3225
Storrs, CT 06269-3225



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Most Popular Places On Campus
William Benton Museum of Art
UConn Dairy Bar
Puppetry Museum
J. Robert Donnelly Husky Heritage Sports Museum
Jorgensen Auditorium and Connecticut Repertory Theater
Storrs Center, Student Union Food Court, UConn Bookstore, Blue oak Cafe, Storrs Downtown (with numerous restaurants)

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
8am-6pm M-F, 10am-4pm Sat

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 2 hours

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Campus Interviews

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during tour; appt. w/admissions counselor for questions

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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT (north of Hartford) is approximately 40 miles from campus. Public transportation from the airport to campus is inconvenient and expensive; you must take a bus or taxi to Hartford, then another bus or taxi to Storrs via Willimantic. A rental car is a better alternative. Private limousine services include the Horizon Airport Shuttle (860-429-8002) and the Airport Shuttle (860-450- 2170). Call for rates and reservations.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the north and south, take I-91 to I-84 in Hartford. Take I-84 northeast to Exit 68, then take Connecticut Rte. 195 S. to Storrs and the campus. Turn right on North Eagleville Rd. and turn left onto North Hillside Rd. Park in the north parking garage (fee charged). Tours begin in the visitor's center on the corner of N. Eagleville and N. Hillside Roads. The admissions office is located 1 block past the parking garage on Hillside Road. From Boston, take I-84 southwest to Exit 70; then take Connecticut Rte. 32 S. to Connecticut Rte. 195; take Rte. 195 S. to Storrs. From Providence, take U.S. 44 W. to Rte. 195, then 195 S. to Storrs.

Local Accommodations
On campus hotel services located at the Nathan Hale Inn (860-427-7888) or nathanhaleinn.com. If you prefer a standard motel, try the Best Western (Rtes. 195 and 6; 860-423-8451), 15 minutes from campus. Here you will find the usual amenities and, in addition, an adjacent shopping mall. Or consider the Quality Inn and Conference Center (51 Hartford Tpke., Vernon; 860-646-5700 or 1-800-228-5151), right off I-84 at Exits 63 and 64.


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