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Ultimate Admissions Package

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To Strong Beginnings

We consider our expert college counseling services the crown jewel in our overall admissions support program—starting your junior year, you’ll meet regularly with your team to thoughtfully plan your approach to coursework, extracurriculars, and other factors that will pave your road to college.

Be ready to hit the following points on your journey:

  • Which schools are the best fit for me?
  • What can I do to strengthen my application?
  • How do I clear a path through standardized tests—PSAT®, ACT®, SAT®, AP®?
  • What kind of leadership opportunities should I pursue?
  • What do I want to major in?
  • How will I pay for it all?

Your counseling team helps you figure out each point over the course of one-on-one conversations that tackle any details and all concerns.

Operation: Application

College admission officers want to know what’s important to you—and we’re dedicated to helping you tell your story. Consider the essay your canvas, and we’ll help you find the words.

Your counselor has read countless college essays over the years and knows what it takes to stand out. Together, you’ll brainstorm which of your passions and anecdotes best relays your strengths as a college candidate.

Fluent in grammar and mechanics, your counseling team leaves no comma spliced. One last, official, comprehensive review of your complete application ensures that your application is 100% ready to submit.

A Numbers Game

And now on to everyone’s favorite part—financing! We help you make sense of the complex web that is affording college and filing for aid. From scholarships, to grants, to deadlines, we know the score on how you’ll get the most out of your dollar.

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The Breakdown

  • $2,799
  • One-on-one meetings with your coach and counselor
  • Unlimited access to your coach
  • Expert review and feedback for up to five complete school applications

Price: $2,799 USD

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