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Parent Portal

An interactive tool for parents to monitor students’ prep progress and help them stay on track.

  • Check practice test scores
  • Schedule tutoring hours
  • Contact a tutor or teacher
  • See completed coursework
  • Manage your balance
  • Buy additional tutoring hours
Princeton Review for Parents by The Princeton Review Princeton Review parent portal app screenshots



Princeton Review student portal app screenshots

Student Portal

The ultimate study buddy, this prep tracking app allows you to check practice test scores and contact your tutor or teacher, among other useful features.

Princeton Review for Students by The Princeton Review Princeton Review student portal app screenshots



Homework Help App Screenshots

Homework Help

This app lets you get help with your homework on-the-go! Connect with a tutor in less than a minute by taking a picture of the problem you're working on. Our experts will help you work through the problem until you get the right answer.

  • Find out how 96% of our students say they improved their grades.*
  • Get tutoring help in 40+ subjects including statistics, algebra, geometry, AP® and writing.
  • Try your first session for free.
Homework Help Tutoring App Screenshots Homework Help Tutoring App Screenshots



MCAT Prep App Screenshot

MCAT Prep to Go

MCAT Prep To Go is only available to students currently enrolled in a Princeton Review MCAT course. Learn more about The Princeton Review's MCAT programs. Power up your MCAT knowledge with smart practice technology, and make the most of your study time by taking your prep with you wherever you go.

With MCAT Prep to Go, you'll have access to the 2,700 questions, answers and explanations in your Science Workbook right from your mobile device–so you can turn any downtime into a productive study session no matter where you are.

Working through MCAT questions with smart practice technology will help you:

  • Study more effectively
  • Focus your attention on what you need to master
  • Reach a deeper level of MCAT knowledge
  • Increase your recall and retention of MCAT concepts
  • Boost your confidence and lessen test anxiety
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*Based on 2016 survey of students of Princeton Review/ AP is the registered trademark of the College Board.