"Take BOTH the SAT and ACT??? Are you trying to torture me?"

We know the college admissions process is arduous and anxiety-inducing, and the prospect of taking BOTH standardized tests may seem overwhelming. You don't have to take both the SAT and ACT to get into college, but based on current student trends, we recommend taking both tests if it's realistic for you.

That does not mean spending twice the money and twice the time on test prep! We packaged our flexible, interactive online prep programs together for only $99 to make it cheaper and easier for students to prepare for both tests and earn high scores. Here's how:

Student prepping for both SAT aand ACT

1. Choose either the ACT or SAT to start:

2. Find a test date for your exam of choice that will allow you 3-6 months to prep:

  • SAT Test Dates
  • ACT Test Dates
  • Don't forget to register!
  • If your school has school-day testing, you already know your test date. Mark it on your calendar.

3. Set your target score.

4. Prep! We already mentioned our awesome SAT and ACT Self-Paced courses, but you have lots of options:

5. Set a date for the other exam about a month after you take the first one.

  • Because the SAT and ACT test essentially the same content, you'll only need a month to learn test-specific content (like  ACT Science or SAT No-Calculator Math strategies.
  • Don't put off taking the 2nd test too long—you want to build on all the great prep you did for the first exam.
  • Fortunately, either the SAT or ACT is offered every other month (except January).
Our online SAT and ACT prep programs adapt to your target test date and score goal and your performance on drills and practice tests. You can add 10 hours of on-demand online tutoring for only $200 if you want a little extra guidance.

Build the right test prep plan for you

Our experts will help you build a prep plan that's customized to your score goals, study habits, and schedule.