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This small school north of Charlotte, North Carolina, cultivates an environment “that is very open to change and improvement” and empowers students to “be better people and make a difference in the world.” The administration works hard to create an on campus community and constantly makes efforts “to support and improve Davidson,” all while keeping students happy and their minds full. “I have never witnessed people so eager to come do their job every day. [Professors] are almost too willing to help,” says a student. There is also a trickle-down effect because even the student body is supportive and “eager to watch you succeed.” The school offers a classic liberal arts education, encouraging students to take classes in all areas, and “all of these people come out smarter than they came in.” “If I could spend twenty years being educated by this administration and these professors, I would,” says a very happy junior. School is the number one priority for all of the students here, and while academics are all-consuming, time-wise, they are also “fascinating and rewarding.” Without a doubt, Davidson is a tough school—“99 percent of us left our 4.0 GPAs back in high school,” claims a student—and professors don’t believe in grade inflation or curving grades, but they do readily make themselves available outside of class for help or discussion. There is a lot of work, but it “is accompanied by even more resources with which it can be successfully managed.” One student testimonial: “My calculus teacher last semester has office hours in the student union, and he invited the whole class over to his house for chicken dinner—twice!” The dedication of the staff is contagious, and “though the work is rigorous, time spent in school never feels wasted.”

Student Body

Davidson is “an amalgamation of all types of people, religiously, ethnically, politically, economically, etc.,” all “united under the umbrella of intellectual curiosity” and their devotion to the school as a community. The typical Davidson student is “probably white,” but in the past few years, admissions has been making progress in racially diversifying the campus, which students agree upon as necessary. Though there are plenty of Southern, preppy, athletic types to fit the brochure examples, there are many niches for every type of “atypical” student. “There are enough people that one can find a similar group to connect with, and there are few enough people that one ends up connecting with dissimilar [people] anyway,” says a student. Everyone here is smart and well-rounded; admissions “does a good job...so if you’re in you’ll probably make the cut all the way through the four years.” Most students have several extracurriculars to round out their free time, and they have a healthy desire to enjoy themselves when the books shut. “During the week we work hard. On the weekends we play hard. We don’t do anything halfway,” says a senior. Though the majority of students lean to the left, there’s a strong conservative contingent, and there are no real problems between the two.

Campus Life

Davidson “possesses an intense study culture, and people hit the books regularly; it’s cool to be smart.” One of the many wonderful things about Davidson “is that academics voluntarily leave the classroom.” “It’s not uncommon to hear people discussing their current academic topics at lunch or in the gym.” Basketball is a huge common ground for the student body at large; “Everyone enjoys being a part of the underdog/ Cinderella story.” Weeks are devoted to study, as well as extracurricular activities— “you see your friends because you are doing homework together or eating meals together, not because you’re vegging out.” Of course, even Davidson students need to kick back, and there are always plenty of parties to be found on the weekends. Fraternities and eating houses (the Davidson version of sororities) are popular. Fortunately, “there really is no pressure to drink. You can go out and dance and have a great time or have movie nights with friends,” says a student. The combination of the idyllic atmosphere and the workload “can make it hard to stay up-to-date on current events, yet most students remain well-informed.”

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Belk Visual Arts Center
Baker-Watt Science Complex
Baker Sports Complex
Campus Center
Lake Campus

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Lake Norman
Botanical Garden
Mint Museum
Afro-American Cultural Center
Museum of the New South

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Douglas International Airport in Charlotte is 25 miles from campus. Amtrak trains and Greyhound/Trailways buses serve Charlotte. Taxis are available for the ride from the airport and stations.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-77, take Exit 30 and proceed east a quarter mile to the traffic light. The campus is immediately ahead, with parking to the left. From I-85, take Exit 55 to Rte. 73 W. Proceed west for 8 miles into Mecklenburg County. At the sign to Davidson, turn right onto Davidson-Concord Rd. Proceed 3 miles to a stop sign and turn left into town. At the stoplight, turn right. Proceed to the next light and look for the designated parking area.


Applicants: 5,673
Acceptance Rate: 20%
Average HS GPA: 3.92



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