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Given the “strong brand recognition” and “prestige” of Harvard Business School, it’s easy to understand why many prospective MBAs hope to attend. The academics are “stellar,” and students here love the fact that much of the curriculum is based around the “case method.” Many also appreciate that “HBS does force you to see your gaps in leadership, ability to speak persuasively in front of a group, and potential to succeed in certain industries.” Students do caution that the first year often operates at a “breakneck pace.” Fortunately, “the 2nd year is much less hectic, allowing students to tailor their schedules as they see fit.” More importantly, Harvard MBAs have access to “amazing faculty members” who bring their “incredible real-world experience” into the classroom. They tend to be “present and excited to teach” as well as “very prepared.” Students also speak highly of the “incredible” administration. They are “extremely thoughtful and thorough,” and they ensure that the program is “run like clockwork.”

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Life at Harvard Business Center can be “busy and frenetic” as there are “always ten things you could be doing at any given moment,” but these students wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re told that “social life generally revolves around your section of ninety-five students and club activities.” These clubs sponsor “parties…at least once a week in the fall and once every three weeks in the spring.” They also offer plenty of opportunity for professional development. For example, “HBS has a program…(the Rock Accelerator Program) that provides funding for female entrepreneurs…to pursue a startup while in school.” Best of all, thanks to “ample on-campus housing,” it’s easy to for Harvard MBAs to “build a tightly knit community.”

Not surprisingly, Harvard Business School manages to “draw talented and diverse students…from all over the world.” As one thankful MBA further explains, “HBS attracts the best students and the admissions committee does an incredible job constructing a class that is carefully balanced to provide diversity across many dimensions, including nationality, industry experience, functional experience and ethnicity.” Of course, these classmates share many traits as well. The vast majority are “ambitious,” “intellectual” and “engaging.” More importantly, they are “friendly, supportive” and highly concerned about the “social impact” of their work. Though perhaps this Harvard MBA says it best: “Countless times, I have found myself describing a peer as, ‘the most interesting woman/man I have ever met!’”

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