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Armed with a “strong Jesuit” tradition, Loyola Marymount University on the Westside of Los Angeles places an emphasis on both “social justice” as well as “the education of the whole person.” Importantly, the school also offers interested students the “ability to [participate in] research,” something not always afforded to undergraduates. In addition, LMU’s fabulous L.A. location is “amazing for networking opportunities [as well as potential] future employment.” Students also greatly benefit from an “academic program [that] promotes learning in multiple...fields rather than just the major you choose.” Hence, “an engineering major will be proficient in writing. An English major will understand higher level math. [And] a business student will be experience[d] in art history.”

Loyola Marymount’s “small size” is certainly a boon to the academic experience as well. After all its 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio makes “it...really easy to get to know your professors and advisors.” As one insightful undergrad explains, “All my professors know my name, which makes it really easy to find someone to write recommendations for internships, jobs, and grad school.” And speaking of professors, students find the majority of their instructors to be “passionate...about [their] subject matter.” Professors generally “encourage students to participate in discussions.” Even better, they’re “very understanding,” and they make it known that they truly “care...about your success.”

Student Body

Loyola Marymount does a great job of attracting “a passionate group of people who are driven towards the promotion of social justice and the service of faith.” Indeed, many students are “very giving” and “participate in some kind of community service.” They also tend to be “hardworking” and “compassionate.” What’s more, undergrads here love the fact that “the community is the perfect size to be able to walk on campus and see a friendly face every day, but also have the opportunity to meet someone new.” LMU students are also pretty gregarious. According to one undergrad, “People I have had only one class with will still smile and start up a conversation if I see them around campus.” “The student body is very diverse.” As one undergrad observes, “There are many races and religions that coexist on this campus.” Fortunately, no matter the ethnic makeup, students do agree that it’s “really a very welcoming...community.” Another undergrad explains, “there is a great sense of...unity among LMU [classmates] and I love it!” One content student sums it up: “The students at LMU are people I consider my family. You can feel the warm presence in the air as soon as you step onto campus, and it doesn’t go away.”

Campus Life

You can rest assured that there “is always something going on at LMU.” For starters, “there are tons of campus-wide events that are coordinated by students, although first-years are most likely to go than [upperclassmen].” Community service is also incredibly popular here. In fact, “there are [ten] service organizations: Gryphons, Marians, Ignations, Sursum Corda, Creare, Belles, Crimson, Magis, Esperer, [and Agape]. Each is amazing in [its] own way.” A large number of LMU undergrads also “hold internships [or]...have on-campus jobs.” And “Greek life” is somewhat prevalent as well (though there are no fraternity or sorority houses on campus). Further, students here tend to be “active” and health conscious. And we’re told that “most of the time, the gym is packed.” Additionally, you better believe that undergrads here love to take advantage of LMU’s prime Southern California location and weather. After all, the beach is a mere “ten minutes away.” The “sand volleyball court on campus” is a popular spot to gather, and plenty of students can be found relaxing at “the Bluff with a hammock or slack line.” Finally, hometown Los Angeles, a “beautiful city,” offers tons of excitement as well. LMU students love that they have the opportunity to enjoy L.A.’s “many sports teams, museums, beaches, malls, mountains, [and] restaurants.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Wm. H. Hannon Library
The Bluff (city and ocean views)
Burns Recreation Center
Lion's Den and Living Room
Life Sciences Building
Athletic Facilities: Gerston Pavilion, Page Stadium, Sullivan Field, Smith Field

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Venice Beach Area
Downtown Hollywood/Hollywood and Highland
Santa Monica Pier/Third Street Promenade
The Getty Museum
Staples Center - Sports and Concerts
Disneyland - Anaheim, Universal Studios - Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Acceptance Rate: 47%
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