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Texas State University is a large research university that offers students the “diversity, quality of instruction, [and] resources of a large university with the feel of a smaller school.” This is “a friendly institution that is growing in population and academics,” and its size lends to “well-funded programs, activities, learning opportunities,” and “merit-based financial aid.” Additionally, “there are countless programs to help students succeed” and “lots of student outreach programs,” and the school puts on events, exhibitions, and performances throughout the year built around a central theme (most recently “Innovation”).

The “very student-focused” professors at Texas State “are fantastic and try to help you reach your full potential.” To do this, they “attempt to make everyone feel as if they are important [in addition to] their opinions and ideas” being important as well. They “come from actual job experience that they share with students” and “make an effort to keep you up to date on new findings in their field,” all while being “very aware of current events [which they] easily relate … to our topic of class.” The “small school feel helps people to find what’s right for them,” and the faculty and staff at Texas State “give the students as many opportunities as possible.” As one student sums it up: “It’s big enough that there are tons of opportunities to get involved in internships or organizations,” but it’s “very helpful to have academic advisors that you can visit at any time.”

Student Body

This is “an inclusive campus”—more than half of all Texas State students are minorities and students come “from all … races [and] sexual orientations,” making the school feel “unique and very diverse.” This range means there are “a lot of opposing ideas on everything from politics to social issues,” but “students engage each other in a productive manner” in this “open-minded and engaging campus climate.” (One student notes the variety even more specifically, mentioning “a healthy mix of people invested in studies, in parties, in their specific interests, or in nothing at all.”) Since students are mainly Texans, people “are friendly and easy to talk to,” and though it’s a big school, “it’s easy to make friends within your classes.” One student brags, “There’s a sense of community among the students and it’s really heartwarming.”

Campus Life

With great natural features at the “big-but-not-too big” school, including the San Marcos River running right through the main campus, activities like “floating the river, swimming, hiking, [and] biking” are popular pastimes, so people “spend the majority of time outside or doing something active.” One student says, “Nature brings everyone together. The river is a symbol of our school.” At Texas State, “there is an organization for everyone in one way or another,” and “many people go out during the week, whether it’s to go drink at bars, … go bowling, [or] watch a movie.” Nearby San Marcos also holds plenty of opportunities for fun because it features “great food and recreational places in the city,” and during downtime, people will “go to the town square [which] is lined with bars and restaurants,” and where “coffee shops and study spots are abundant.

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Campus Visits Contact

Rae Macha
Welcome Center Program Director

Texas State Welcome Center
LBJ Student Center
San Marcos, Tx 78666-4616



Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
LBJ Student Center
Alkek Library
Student Recreation Center
The Quad
Sewell Park
The Quad is a walk way that runs the length of the campus which most academic buildings open on to. Student gather here to visit between classes. Sewell Park is a general recreational park where students gather to swim, sun bathe, throw frisbees, and play ball. The San Marcos river runs through the park.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Aquarena Springs - San Marcos River source.
Austin's 6th Street - live music district 20 min.
The San Marcos Outlet Malls - 10 min.
Schliterbaun, Guadalupe River, tubing - 20 min
San Antonio - the Alamo, Market Square - 45 min
Texas State provides the comfort and security of a university hamlet, isolated from the hectic pace of a large city, while providing the convenience of two major metropolitan centers(Austin and San Antonio)less than an hour drive from campus.

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
8am - 5pm

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: 9 am, 11 am and 2pm
Average Length: 1 hour

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Campus Interviews

Information Sessions
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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Shuttle buses run to local apartments during the academic sessions. There is a train station approximately one mile from campus. Major airports include Bergstrom in Austin - 25 minutes from campus, and San Antonio International 45 minutes from campus.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Coming from Austin take I-35 south for 20 minutes. Take the Aquarena Springs exit to the right. After passing the Texas State Stadium move to the right lane and enter a parking station with a marquee campus map and directions to different locations on campus.

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Applicants: 24,793
Acceptance Rate: 78%



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