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Duke’s Fuqua School of Business has a “world-class reputation” for good reason: Students here are privy to a curriculum made up of “balanced case method and lecture-based instruction, experiential learning, student leadership opportunities, … and alumni engagement.” What’s more, the program does a tremendous job of ensuring “each student has the skills to work in diverse and dynamic organizations.” Of course, Duke MBAs also derive great benefit from Fuqua’s “focus on ‘team’,” which helps students realize they are “smarter together than … on [their] own.” Similarly, there’s also a “school-wide commitment to developing ‘Leaders of Consequence…’ who think critically about the impact their decisions [have] on others and seek to use business for good.” To make that possible, the program is rather accessible: As one MBA candidate highlights, “The format of [the] weekend executive program provided tremendous flexibility.” Additionally, “the hybrid in-person and Webex class setup also has been useful for situations [in which] attending in person is nearly impossible as classes are recorded.” In turn, this allows Fuqua to “attract talent from all over the country and people already in very senior executive positions.” Ultimately, the school accomplishes its goals by offering the “best blend of on-campus and [experiential] learning” around.

Though Fuqua definitely has a “focus on general management” academically, students note that the school maintains a “top healthcare … program” as well. After all, “being in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area gives us a unique perspective on health care … [being] nestled within some of the country’s leading research organizations and medical centers.” Thankfully, no matter your chosen field, the “overall professor quality is extremely high here, translating into a very engaged classroom.” And you can rest assured that Fuqua faculty “know students by name and take time to chat with them in the hallways.”

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