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The University of Wisconsin—Madison offers a unique and challenging MBA program, well suited to highly-focused students with clear career goals. Whereas most MBA programs require a wide array of course work in general management topics, the Wisconsin MBA curriculum is designed around career specializations, through which students focus their studies on a single business area such as real estate, brand management, or marketing research. Through their career specialization, students work within the business school’s Centers for Expertise, which “ensure that students have lots of exposure to alumni, specific industry news, and professionals at various levels.” A current student explains, “I chose the University of Wisconsin because they have a specialized program in marketing research that would give me the specialized skill set to continue in this field.”

While career specializations are the hallmark of the Wisconsin MBA curriculum, “the program emphasizes strong learning within a specific discipline while allowing flexibility to learn cross-functional skills.” Before beginning their studies within a specific center, students must complete the general management core curriculum, which provides a solid foundation in management essentials. Students comment that “the specified ‘center ’ does make it difficult at times to expand into other departments.” Throughout the curriculum, applied learning is an important component of the Wisconsin MBA, and students participate in live business projects for a wide range of companies. For example, students may conduct market research for leading companies, manage stock portfolios, or manage a portfolio of real estate securities.

The business school draws a team of top-notch faculty “committed to up-to-date teaching styles and topics.” Student input here is valued. “Feedback is taken from the students at the end of every semester and the recommended changes are implemented for the next incoming class,” says one MBA. “It’s a constantly evolving and improving program that is viewed as a collaborative effort between the administration and students.” On the whole, “Wisconsin represents a culture of collaboration and teamwork,” and students reassure us that “when students compete, there is a general collegiate respect for one another.” Another major perk of a Wisconsin MBA education is its public school price tag, made better by the fact that through assistantships: “The tuition is covered, benefits are covered, and you get a stipend.” A student exclaims, “You might find it hard to catch your breath, but it’s a great way to avoid loans.”

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Applicants: 465
Acceptance Rate: 33%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.43
Years Work Experience: 5
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