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The students at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, are “professional” and “career-minded,” and name Champlain’s “career-focused curriculum” as a primary reason for choosing the college. “Networking and the emphasis on internships at Champlain leads to a great deal of job placements relevant to your chosen major after (or before!) graduation,” extols one student. Students love the “small class sizes,” which “allow your professors and classmates to know, contribute and follow your success.” They’re also crazy about Champlain’s “upside-down curriculum,” which uniquely allows undergraduates to “take major-specific courses [their] first semester”: “I could begin major-related work on the first day.” Game design, filmmaking, digital forensics, psychology, and marketing are all offered as majors, distinguishing Champlain’s available courses of study to many applicants, with its “strong focus on major-specific skills, and field-applicable classwork.” For the most part, students say the professors are “engaging, encouraging, and interesting” and “do all they can to help students understand the material and reach their full potential.” Champlain works hard to produce graduates who know “how to survive and thrive in the business world” and “reach their highest level of satisfaction.” Champlain is a “career-focused school that gives students the tools to succeed in the professional world.” This career-conscious education is animated by Champlain’s “engaging, encouraging, and interesting” professors, who “know your name,” are “enthusiastic about the students’ education,” and “come from extremely professional backgrounds and add personal touches to their discussions that make students want to participate.” In addition to academic curricula, Champlain’s InSight program “readies students for outside life,” teaching life skills such as “financial sophistication” and fostering a “strong sense of community.” For those interested in the burgeoning gaming industry, “Champlain’s game major is also rigorous and unique, bringing students from amateurs to developing a game in a seemingly short four years.” Champlain’s greatest academic strength lies in “excellent professors, innovative classes,” and an “inviting small-classroom environment.”

Student Body

Champlain’s student population is summed up by one as “Champlain attracts a certain type: open, artistic, thoughtful, and intelligent,” while another student is a little more blunt: “We are all nerdy in our own special way. It’s a self-selective, “open-minded” population that’s passionately adored by those who know what to expect: students “fit in well if they have researched the college before coming, as it is a small community within a larger community.” There is “literally a bit of everything. Nerds, partiers, skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and hippies.” Another summarizes the Champlain student body as “everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive. I love that its large enough not to know everyone but small enough that it still feels like family.” As a whole, Champlain students are “motivated and engaged.” They enjoy the social opportunities afforded by Burlington and Champlain, but “are also serious about doing big things and going far in life.”

Campus Life

The small liberal arts college in cozy Burlington, Vermont, has a heavy academic focus on the video game industry, and skiing and gaming figure prominently into Champlain’s social life. “There is a lot to do in town and on campus there are often events put on by clubs or the SGA. Every Thursday, a bus also takes students from campus to free bowling or to see a free movie at the movie theater.” Students love Burlington—“full of endless opportunities for both outside and indoor activities”—and enjoy the shops and nightlife of Church Street. Both Champlain and Burlington “heavily promote sustainable living,” and as such, students learn “an incredible amount about how to help and be aware of my community and ecosystem.” For the dedicated skier/student, Champlain IDs will nab you discounted ski passes in the area, and “snow dictates class attendance in the spring.” Overall, the outdoorsy will find plenty to love about Champlain and mantra seems to be, “Anything to be outside.” Indoors, the “laid-back” social atmosphere tends toward “play[ing] video games rather often,” and “there is an excellent music scene here in Burlington.”

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Sugarbush Ski Resort

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I-89 North/South, exit 14 West, Rt 2/Main Street west, left onto S. Willard Street.

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Many major hotels are located within a few minutes' drive of campus, in several price ranges.


Applicants: 4,977
Acceptance Rate: 75%
Average HS GPA: 3.35



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