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Portland State University’s motto is “let knowledge serve the city,” and students echo this philosophy, saying their school “has a strong focus on civic engagement and sustainability.” “PSU is a great learning environment in the heart of the city” and a “good value” for your tuition dollars. It’s also “a green-minded urban school” that’s “training students to be good community members.” “There is a wealth of courses” on offer here, with degrees in social work, a range of business majors, and the hard sciences all receiving praise. “Classes are usually pretty small,” and professors “promote lots of in-class discussion and are readily available to meet outside of class as well.” “They really care about the student’s success, and they really help broaden our scope of learning [and] thinking critically.” Adjunct professors are “very connected to the community and their particular areas of expertise.” Overall, students are happy with their instructors, saying, “Most professors are engaging and truly want to challenge you and help you succeed.” They “are well-educated [and] well-versed in current issues and research.” There’s “the occasional dud thrown into the mix,” though. Generally, “they are prepared and are passionate about the classes they teach. They have a wealth of experiences to bring to classroom,” and they’re “easily accessible for questions or further assistance, students just need to reach out.”

Student Body

“It is difficult to define the typical PSU student, because there are so many of us from so many different backgrounds,” one student says, and diversity does indeed seem to be the name of the game at PSU. Students describe themselves as “environmentally aware, hip,” and “very liberal.” Overall, people at PSU are “invested in their education and are friendly.” There’s a large population of nontraditional undergraduates, so students are “either typical college-age…or people in their thirties and forties with kids and full-time job trying to juggle everything.” Even within this large, diverse student body, “everyone finds a niche pretty quickly.” “It’s easy to find people you get along with, but it’s also easy to find people who are completely different from you, which makes school a lot more interesting.”

Campus Life

The city of Portland is a big draw for PSU students. “The campus is extraordinarily beautiful and ideally located.” Outdoor activities are big here: “There’s skiing, hiking, camping, [and] fishing.” “The downtown area has plenty of microbrew pubs, nightlife, eateries, and theaters.” “The people are friendly, and the city is gorgeous and easy to navigate. You can go to the beach or to the mountain in about two hours, and there are many things to do outdoors. There are great parks throughout the city.” “The public transportation is outstanding.” It’s bikeand vegan-friendly. “There are lots of activist and awareness-raising events going on all the time, and lots of students are involved in volunteering (on and off campus).” Because PSU has a large nontraditional undergraduate population and the majority of students live off campus, the sense of community extends beyond the school and into the city. “There are a lot of things to do on campus, and there are different groups on campus that promote going out into the community at large and helping out.” “Because the student body is so big and really diverse, PSU has tons of programs/clubs/groups that help make you feel more involved with your school. PSU is also committed to sustainability: Any new buildings are made with the latest green technology, and recycling is a big deal.”

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503 725-5555


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Most Popular Places On Campus
Park Blocks
Student Union Center
Simon Benson House
Peter Stott Center & Community Recreation Field

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Portland Art Museum
Powell's City of Books
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Columbia River Gorge
Mount Hood

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Campus Visiting Center
8:00 - 5:00
503 725-5555

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Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 1 hour

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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Buses, street cars, light rail, bike sharing, taxis. Nearest airport: Portland International Airport (https://www.flypdx.com/PDX)

Driving Instructions to Campus
From North: I-5 southbound parallels the east bank of the Willamette River through Portland. Move into the left lane as you approach the Marquam Bridge. Cross the bridge and merge with I-405. Move into the right lane and take Exit 1C to Sixth Avenue. From South: Move into the center lane of I-5 north bound as you approach the city. Take Exit 299B to merge with I-405. Move into the right land and take the SW 6th Avenue exit. From East: Move into the left lane of I-84 westbound as you approach the I-5 interchange. Take I-5 southbound and move into the left lane as you cross the Marquam Bridge. Merge with I-405, move into the right lane, and take Exit 1C to Sixth Avenue. From West: Proceed east on Highway 26 to Portland. Keep right and follow the signs to I-405. Follow I-405 to Exit. 1C to Sixth Avenue. Follow the signs north to PSU.

Local Accommodations
University Place 310 SW Lincoln Street Portland, Oregon 97201 503.221.0140 uplace@pdx.edu www.uplace.pdx.edu/


Applicants: 6,743
Acceptance Rate: 90%
Average HS GPA: 3.46



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