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A Winning Team

Navigate the procedure with the coaching of an all-star medical school admissions guidance team who motivates, helps meet goals and deadlines (that would be your COACH), and provides invaluable expertise in the admissions process (your COUNSELOR!).

Start the Conversation

Ah, to stand apart from the pack! The burning question of the medical school application challenge is, without a doubt, “How do I establish myself as a candidate above all others?”

It starts with an overall assessment par excellence by your coach in an hour-long touch-base session. Your coach will take the professional measure of where you currently stand as a medical school applicant—GPA, your MCAT score, your current academic record and experiences—and where and how to improve.

Plot your strategy for letters of recommendation, and from there you can decide where to go—literally! You’ll receive an extensive write-up from your counselor—a physician and admissions expert—who helps you compile a list of schools and programs to target based on your interests and strengths.

The Write Stuff

Enjoy expert guidance in selecting and relating anecdotes and interests that help tell your story and sell your overall candidacy as a medical school candidate. From writing mechanics to the dynamics of the careful minuet that is the admissions process, your team offers the full scope of their expertise so you come out on top.

And so it begins: Two rounds of review with your coach give you the opportunity to hone your personal statement to full effect. This includes up to 15 targeted experiences—three of them “the most meaningful"—for your primary application, and supplemental essays for up to eight secondary school applications. Possessed of nuanced insight into admissions, your counselor provides the seal of approval in session three, ensuring that your personal statement and experiences are ready for the eyes of your dream school.

Meet and Greet

Get ready to interview—and then follow up! For the edge in those all-important meetings (and beyond), this component includes access to exclusive interview prep content and one hour-long FaceTime session with a counselor. A medical professional with professional admissions experience, your counselor offers seasoned coaching and application expertise so that you sail through this part of the process with flying colors.

Stay Connected

You’ll receive one year of access to The Princeton Review’s online portal and interactive learning tools, which includes our organizational checklist for your medical school admissions materials and allows for efficient communication with both your counselor and coach.

Price: $3,500 USD

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