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Students at Morehouse College immediately feel connected to their school’s long-standing traditions, strong sense of community, and “rich history of producing great leaders.” Since its founding almost 150 years ago, this historically black men’s college in Atlanta, Georgia, has focused on “producing Renaissance men with a social consciousness and global perspective,” and its list of alumni includes many celebrated names in art and politics. At the heart of the Morehouse experience, academic programs are “rigorous but rewarding,” spearheaded by a “very diverse set of professors, each with his or her own individual teaching style and expectations.” While not every professor is fantastic, the majority are “encouraging,” “passionate,” and “extremely knowledgeable about the material.” Beyond the classroom, Morehouse students are encouraged to become “well-read, well-spoken, well-dressed, well-traveled, and well-balanced” individuals through overseas study, extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, and internships. A current student shares, “I have studied abroad three times with Morehouse around Central America, Morocco and London, and have served various leadership positions at the college.” A private institution, Morehouse offers “competitive scholarships” to outstanding students, but others note that, “because of a restricted budget, often financial aid isn't as available as many would like.”

Student Body

Morehouse attracts undergraduates from across the country and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students tell us, “Even though the school is predominantly black, great diversity is apparent within the school body.” “There are quite a few different types of people, and plenty of different social groups in which one might find himself,” yet the campus is linked by a “sincere “brotherhood” feeling” and most students “fit in pretty well.” “The typical student is ambitious and goal-oriented,” and most are highly invested in their education. At Morehouse, “It is not unusual to see a crowd of students leave the campus and continue a conversation on the street about social injustice, history, politics, or any scandal currently in the news.” Described by their classmates as “outgoing and well-rounded,” Morehouse undergraduates generally strike “a balance between school, community service, and social life.”

Campus Life

To many undergrads, “The sense of unity among the students, faculty, and administration is Morehouse College’s greatest strength.” In this collegial atmosphere, “It’s not hard to have a good time if you’re willing.” In their downtime, most Morehouse undergrads “hang out with close friends, go to parties, or attend events going on on campus.” “People have a sense of unity not only within Morehouse College but also with neighboring schools,” and many spend their weekends with friends from sister school, Spelman College, as well as Clark, Georgia State, and Emory. In addition to college parties, students relax with friends in the dorms, or go out to eat, see movies, or otherwise take advantage of Atlanta, “where there’s always something to do.” It sounds like fun, but Morehouse students aren’t only concerned with having a good time. A student shares, “Aside from the typical college student behavior, most activities involve either community service or personal development. For example, this past weekend the entire campus was involved in a clean-up of the surrounding area, the West End.” Plus, Morehouse students know when it’s time to buckle down and study: “Some weekends are spent at the library catching up on school work.”

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Campus Visits Contact

Marilyn Bibby
Assistant Director of Campus Tours and Special Events

Admissions Office
830 Westview Dr. S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314

Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Forbes Arena
Martin Luther King International Chapel
Kilgore Student Center
Walter E. Massey Leadership Center
Ray Charles Performing Arts Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Mercedes Benz Stadium
World of Coca Cola
Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlantic Station

Campus Tours

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: Monday~Wednesday~Friday: 10am - 2pm; Tuesday~Thursday: 10am-2:30pm. No campus tours are available on holidays.
Average Length: 1 hour

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Campus Interviews

Information Sessions
Not Available


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Academic Year

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta is 10 miles from campus. Uber, Lyft, taxis, airport limousines, and MARTA (public transportation) trains and buses are available for the trip from the airport to campus and throughout the metropolitan area. Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses serve Atlanta.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-75/85, exit to I-20 W. Exit I-20 W. at Lee St. and turn right for 2 blocks until you reach campus. From I-20 E., exit to Ashby St., and turn left for 3 blocks. Turn right on Westview and continue until you hit campus.

Local Accommodations
These suggestions also apply to Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University. Nearby: Within a 10-minute walk is Castleberry Inn & Suites, 186 Northside Dr. S.W.; (470) 326-7152, with a restaurant. It offers a special inexpensive rate for a nice accommodation.


Applicants: 2,349
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.20



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