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A “small” Catholic college in Rhode Island, Providence College offers students a “strong” liberal arts curriculum and a “fun and flourishing social environment.” Academically, many undergrads point to Providence’s “Western Civilization program” as a highlight of their collegiate experience. This interdisciplinary series exposes students to art, literature, philosophy, and theology and shapes undergrads into “well-rounded and deep thinkers.” Students are also quick to highlight Providence’s “strong business school” as well. And they certainly appreciate that they are “taught to think on our feet and to apply what we have learned in the classroom to real life situations.” “Small classes” are another hallmark of a Providence education. In turn, this enables students to develop “great relationships” with their professors. And speaking of professors, undergrads here happily report that their teachers are “phenomenal.” Not only are they “extremely knowledgeable,” they also “have a real passion for teaching.” As one thankful student boasts, “My professors have met with me on the weekends, over the summer, and responded to text messages/emails/phone calls. We have gone off campus just to chat and keep up to date on how things are going.” Indeed, these professors might just be Providence’s “biggest asset.”

Student Body

Students at Providence attest that the college is “very homogenous in regards to race and socioeconomic status,” noting that most undergrads are “white” and come from “upper middle class families.” Additionally, a large percentage hail from “New England, New York, [or] New Jersey.” And many don “preppy” clothing; you frequently “see backwards hats, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, and bean boots or boat shoes.” Thankfully, Providence has grown “increasingly diverse” in the last few years. On top of that, undergrads gush that their peers are “genuinely nice” and quite “inclusive” regardless of background. Students are also quite impressed with how “polite” everyone seems to be. As one undergrad explains, “Doors are held, everyone thanks the professor after class, people say hello as you walk by—it’s phenomenal!” Moreover, as a Catholic institution, you do find “kids who take their faith seriously.” However, “you do not need to be religious to feel welcomed here.” Indeed, “the college preaches about the Friar Family which the students are supposed to embody. When I first started here I thought that this motto was quite ludicrous, but it honestly seems as though it is true. The way everyone acts is just so kind towards one another. The students here really do treat everyone like family.”

Campus Life

Life at Providence can aptly be described as a “whirlwind.” This is due to the myriad of “recreational activities,” “school sponsored trips,” and “programmed nights” the college offers. Additionally, school spirit abounds and students are “very enthusiastic” about attending sporting events, “especially men’s basketball and hockey.” Students do admit that “partying is a pretty large part of the social life.” And on the weekends you’ll find that lots of people “go out, either to bars/ clubs or senior off campus housing.” One student shares, “People will sit out on the quad on nice sunny days and play catch. We have many activities such as dances and cookouts that the school holds year round.” Moreover, there are “two concerts each year where [basically] the entire school attends.” Many individuals are also “highly involved in intramural sports” as well as a club or two “aligning with social, political and relig[ious] interests.” Of course, students here love exploring the city of Providence too, “which is a short car ride or public bus trip [away].” And undergrads “can [check out] activities around Brown University/Thayer Street, as well as DownCity where there are many shops and a large artistic influence.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Ryan Center for Business Studies
Ruane Center for the Humanities
McPhail's Entertainment Facility
Concannon Fitness Center
Slavin Center - Student Center
Smith Center for the Fine Arts; St. Dominic Chapel; Harkins Hall - Classrooms, Admin Offices; Blackfriars Theatre; Hunt-Cavanagh Art Gallery

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Providence Place Mall
Thayer Street - Outdoor Cafes and Shops
Atwells Avenue - Great restaurants (Federal Hill)
Water Place Park
R.I.S.D. Museum

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Campus Tours
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Applicants: 11,251
Acceptance Rate: 52%
Average HS GPA: 3.43



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