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As Webb Institute proudly boasts: “If you can design a ship, you can design anything.” All graduates of this unique Long Island engineering school receive a fulltuition scholarship and leave with a dual degree in naval architecture and marine engineering, with paid internships required during every academic year. Grads have a 100 percent job placement rate. The curriculum is “intense,” but the academics tie in well with the winter work terms: “Work terms give each student a feel for industry sectors and allow them to make improved career decisions when selecting a first job,” says a student. “You’ll learn something in the classroom and then see it in action.” Students find this incredibly valuable; “not only do you know how things work, you understand why they work.”

Students “are surrounded by ship models, half hulls on the walls, and people who are all interested in ships, boats, cutters, yachts, and anything else that goes in the water.” The professors are “brilliant,” and since they all have practical experience, they are “able to make our education applicable to what we’ll be doing once we graduate.” There are only four classrooms at Webb; desks are in the back, chairs for class are in the front. Students do their homework at their desk in the classroom, surrounded by classmates, and if help is needed on a problem, “all you have to do is look up and ask the room.”

The specialized tools that are made available to students are what “most schools could only dream of buying,” and the level of trust from the staff means students can freely take advantage of such resources as the towing tank and student garage. The student body at Webb functions based on an honor code, creating a “safe and supportive environment,” which “allows our professors to give us take home tests knowing that no one will cheat.” “I fully trust any individual at Webb,” says a student. You also “cannot beat the alumni network here,” which readily helps students find jobs, lodging, and anything else they need.

Student Body

Given that there are only about a hundred students total, students “become best friends very quickly, giving everyone great support systems both academically and socially.” “My classmates are like a family to me,” says one. “They are all smart, capable people who work hard and play hard.” As another person puts it, “You can tell people apart by the sound of their footsteps.” Students come from around the country (and the world in some cases) which “brings different views together and creates a good mix within the student body.” Though academic stress can arise, students find easy comfort in each other. “We have all come for the same reasons, and most of us enjoy the same stuff. Therefore, we all have similar quirks and use these to entertain ourselves.”

Campus Life

All students live on campus during their time at Webb, and while “most of the day is devoted to work,” there are several comfortable lounges with large television sets that are open 24/7 and a gym “not too far away.” The campus has a pub that includes a pool table, darts, and a ping pong table, as well as a private beach for sailing, kitesurfing, waterskiing, and other water sports, which are predictably popular. Everyone participates in the student-run government, and extracurriculars are rampant; “if students want to do something, they take it upon themselves to make it happen” (no skill or prior experience is required to join any team at Webb). You “have to really push yourself to get work done to the point where you can leave on a weekend.” However, students often tend to mix work and play in smaller increments, which is more doable. Proximity to New York City makes it easy for students to take day trips on weekends if they choose. In addition, “the school offers sponsored trips into the city to see cultural events like Broadway shows or symphony performances several times per semester.”

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Laren Carballo
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Stevenson Taylor Hall
Brockett Pub
Waterfront Facility
Robinson Model Tank
Haeberle Lab

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New York City
Jones Beach

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Campus Tours
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LaGuardia Airport, New York City, Long Island Railroad


Applicants: 99
Acceptance Rate: 32%
Average HS GPA: 4.00



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