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Most of the learning at the University of Scranton is informed by the principle of Cura Personalis, which translates from the Latin to mean “Care for the Entire Person.” What this essentially describes is a respect for and appreciation of another ’s unique needs, circumstances, and gifts. These Jesuit values add an element of social responsibility to the work students do at the Kania School of Management (KSOM). Being a Jesuit institution does not, however, mean that the program is in any way light or insufficient. The MBA program at Scranton is accredited by the AASCB and “has a great reputation.” It simply means that in the process of achieving their goals, students can rely on each other for a sense of camaraderie and support. The program places an emphasis on globalization and the intersection of technology and business. “At KSOM the diversity of the learning environment mirrors the global and diverse business setting of today’s world. It offers an environment which is collaborative, values different ideas, encourages discussion, and lets the students think about phenomena in a very creative manner.”

“The school offers many classes every term,” and in addition to the general MBA, students are invited to specialize in the following disciplines: accounting, finance, international business management, information systems, marketing, and operations management. There are also programs that allows students to jointly pursue both a BS and an MBA. In addition to the University of Scranton’s reputation and “forward thinking” attitude, are a multitude of amenities. The Irwin E. Alperin Financial Center has a simulated trading floor where students can learn via market simulations. It even has an electronic ticker and news and data feeds. Also, the wireless system at Kania ensures twenty-four-hour access to business applications and other online resources. The school prides itself on remaining “focused on what will be required of an MBA graduate in today’s marketplace.” Both a full-time and part-time track toward the MBA are offered at Kania, and those already in the workplace commend the “convenience” and “proximity” of the school. The Kania School of Management is described as an “excellent learning atmosphere,” where “everyone is friendly and willing to help.” “Professors are outstanding” and “provide critical insight.” They are great at bringing real-world experience “into the four corners of a classroom.” “They are all very well educated individuals, who take a lot of pride in teaching.” Professors are also described as “accommodating to their students.” As far as the administration is concerned, some say that “everything is smooth,” while others complain of miscommunications with advisors and possible language barriers for international students.

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